Learn SEO and content marketing, get more sales

SEO isn't some secret known only to a select few, it's simply a methodical approach to building your website popularity and getting more visitors to your site. And anyone can learn how to do it.

SEO Academy has been six years in the making, and it includes everything you need to know in order to become a world class SEO and content marketer!

What will I learn?

  • On-site SEO

    Learn about on-site SEO, page structure, what matters and what doesn’t

  • Social Media

    Find out how social media can work for your company, and how it can quickly build your customer base.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Find out what your competitors are up to, how they are ranking and how you can beat them.

  • Link building

    Everything you need to know about building links, and importantly, avoiding penalties.

  • 30 Minute Guide

    Pressed for time? You don’t need to spend hours reading, our 30 minute guide will get you up and running before your coffee goes cold!

  • A mixture of videos and text

    This isn’t a course of hour-long videos designed to waste your time. We use the best methods possible and mix up training methods to help you along the way.

  • Downloads & Worksheets

    Worksheet downloads and resources help you get the best out of the course

  • Beginners & Experts

    This course truly is for everyone. If you’ve never done any SEO before, we’ll help you, and when you’re ready, move on to the more complex stuff.

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Subjects Covered


An introduction to SEO, covering all the key concepts and jargon - learn what SEO is all about and how it can help your business.

We also go through an on-site health check and suggest ways to improve your website's technical SEO factors.

Creating your first content

You don't have to spend hours learning a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo before you create your first content and begin your journey.

We want you to have completed your first bit of SEO today!

Within the first module you'll create content that is optimised and will begin to help your SEO campaign straight away!

Analytics & measurement

We explain how to set up Google Analytics & Search Console, and what each of these tools can tell you about your website and progress with SEO.

We also show how to get free keyword ranking reports and discover the keywords you need to be found for.


Mystified by keywords? Worry no longer!

We go through the entire process, explaining short-tail, medium-talk and long-tail, and why you should optimise for them all.

Content Marketing

What is content marketing and how does it relate to SEO?

We explain it all, and what each involves.

Social Media

How can social media boost your visitor numbers?

Isn't it just for sharing pictures of cats?

We explain how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can actually boost your sales.

And much, much more!

More content is being added all the time, with at least two new modules being added weekly!

This course is not launched yet, and so is not available to the general public. When it does become available, it will be priced at £47/month, but we are inviting a select few people access for a locked-in price of £27/month.

Early Bird Access Now Available!

For just a select few people, we are currently offering early access to the course.

90% of the modules will be complete by the end of January, and at that time, the cost will go up to £47 per month.

For a select few people, however, we are offering the full course for just £27 per month.

This price will be locked in for life and you can cancel at any time.



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