30 Surprising Things You can Do with Eggshells

If your dogs are suffering in the toilet department, then it might be down to a calcium deficiency.

What do we know that’s rich in calcium?


Obviously talk to your vet first, but assuming they’re OK with it, you can then crush down the shells and pop them in the food bowl.

Anecdotal evidence (from a few friends), shows that this works really well for animals that eat a lot of raw meat.

Feed Them to Your Chickens

Yes, believe it or not, this is a great way to keep your chickens healthy.

When chickens produce eggs, it takes a lot of calcium to create those shells, so they obviously need to take that all in somehow.

You might well be giving them an otherwise healthy diet, but very often you’ll need to supplement it with calcium.

Well why not put back what’s been taken out?!

Top Tip!

When you've cracked your eggs and used them for your favourite omelette, wash them thoroughly then put them on a paper towel to dry. Leave them for a few hours, then put them in a really low oven to get all the moisture out. Finally, crush them up and add them to the feed.

Make Your Tomatoes Great Again!

Did your tomatoes lack their usual lustre last year?

Did they suffer from Blossom-end rot?

If your crop suffered from dark blotches, you may have been tempted to throw the lot away, thinking they were ruined.

In fact, they were probably fine as long as you cut the rotted bit out. They’re merely suffering from calcium deficiency – so bung your crushed shells in the hole when you re-pot them and you’ll be good to go!

Deter Pests

Slugs! Eugh!

Slugs will make short work of your garden greens if you don’t do something to stop them, but we don’t all like putting chemicals and pellets down.

You can drown them in beer, and what a way to go, but you could just put some broken eggshells down around your veg.

The shells are sharp, and the slugs have tender feet – OUCH!

Great for Dogs

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